Lottery Rules – a global free lottery, prizes in which are played out by the numbers of banknotes of participants. is an independent private project that does not relate to any companies, brands, etc. With similar names. is not an easy gambling – participation in this lottery is FREE and has an exclusively entertaining character.

Participation in is Voluntary and FREE and always will remain so. does NOT register participants, collects personal data of participants, does not send mailings to e-mails and phone numbers of participants. forms lists of numbers of the bills participating in drawings of concrete series and daily makes an automatic choice of winners.

Anyone from the planet Earth can become a participant of without age, confessional, national and other restrictions.

Participants independently deposit and check in their numbers of banknotes.

The number of banknotes of one participant for playing in is not limited.

With the first deposit of the banknote number in, this number participates in the drawing of prizes during the entire period of the draw of this serie.

Numbers of banknotes participate in the drawing daily. Every day there is an automatic generation of new numbers of winning banknotes. To learn about the results of the daily drawing, the participant can at the time of checking his number.

The winners can see the winner’s form, where they indicate the preferred way to receive the prize.

In case of a win, the number of banknote continues to participate in the game.

Prizes in are paid in cash equivalent, are a gift of a private person to an individual for participating in a free lottery and are NOT the taxable income of the winner.

Copyright for this program for computers (the program for online drawing of prizes on the numbers of bills and other unique numbers placed on material carriers) are protected by the Patent of the Russian Federation.