What is the probability of winning in Moneyloto.com?


In any lottery or prize draw, you can calculate the probability of winning. Moneyloto.com is no exception. In contrast to the overwhelming number of lotteries, we can calculate the probability of winning by doing just one mathematical action! In our draw of prizes, the participants play NOT against the abstract possible number of combinations of figures, as in lotteries 6 of 36 or 7 of 48, any other lottery built on the principle of guessing the numbers to be played. In such lotteries the probability of winning is orders of magnitude lower than in the scheme we propose! In Moneyloto.com players play with each other.

Simplistically, it looks like this: The company gathered and each wrote on paper a number of his note and put it in a vase on the table. The presenter considers the order in which the players put the paper with their numbers in the vase. When everyone put their numbers in a vase, the host randomly determines the number of the winner, who wins the prize.

Therefore, the probability of winning in Moneyloto.com is calculated by dividing the number of bill numbers in the game by the number of winnings in the series! For today in our two series – 50 rubles and 1 dollar – 2 winnings per day. Therefore, the probability of your win is equal to the number of denominations in the game, divided by 2. This is in case you have entered ONE number. And if you made 10 numbers – the probability of your winnings is an order of magnitude higher …

And with the fact that participation in our prize draw is FREE, then you do not risk anything by gaining a chance every day to win real money!