Is Luck a natural quality of the elected?


Luck is the natural quality of the elect, or is it gradually allotted to each person? Can I become a lucky person and achieve success in my life? Of course – you can!

A person learns all his life, receives knowledge, a new psychological experience and experience of social communication. Everything that he does has consequences, but we control what we do, and consequently – the subsequent results. We influence the course of events, but in order to make them profitable for us, it is worth using several useful tips:

– even if you are an introvert by type of person, try to become open, cultivate the qualities of an extrovert. For a person motivated for good luck to communicate with people, new, interesting acquaintances – the cornerstone of future success.

– do not be afraid of the new, try the dishes unknown to you, visit new places, change yourself – only in the movement you can achieve the result.

– Trust your inner voice – intuition. Only she will tell you what exactly you need.

– be self-confident, a fraction of healthy selfishness will never interfere. Only such people are able to entice others, create their own team, develop interesting projects and achieve success in business.

– tune in to the positive, even if the new business is difficult. Positive thoughts give rise to good ideas, give energy to continue to do the chosen work, do not sit idly by.

– transform failure into success, know how to find advantageous moments in what has developed not as well as we would like.

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