Is it easy to think positively?


Psychologists, astrologers and others like them claim that the recipe for happiness lies first and foremost in the ability to think correctly. To think correctly is to think positively, to catch good emotions, to produce them inside of yourself, and to accumulate and distribute to others. Indeed, a positive attitude is very important, but is it easy to achieve it?

Alas, in life, not everything is as easy and simple as we would like. To establish itself and achieve a worthy position in society, one has to work not only hard, but also constantly prove one’s competence or professionalism to others. How can you develop positive emotions? There are a number of tips to address this problem. Here are some of them:

1. Love yourself. Treat yourself, your desires and health with respect. But do not get carried away with self-pity – this position will only bear negative results.
2. Every evening, sum up the day, focusing on pleasant events and positive emotions.
3. Find useful moments in your failures, learn from mistakes.
4. Pamper yourself, make yourself and your loved ones small, but nice gifts.

You can also pay attention to training aimed at generating positive emotions. These are mental “mantras”, pronouncing which regularly, a person cleanses the mind of the negative. These are the phrases “I love you”, “Forgive me”, “Thank you” – they can be directed to God, if religious, or to higher powers, to the cosmos …

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