How to catch the tail of the luck


To dream is peculiar to each person, and age is not a hindrance. Only during life dreams change. At first the child wants to become someone (to gain status in society), then the adult – to acquire something. Often, changes for the better have a long time to reap, and when they happen, we are not always satisfied. Impatience is a trait of a person who makes him believe in luck or failure. It is not by chance that ancient people worshiped the cult of the goddess Fortuna, and modern ones – they composed and continue to compose songs about it.

Catch a blue bird, a bird of happiness did not want unless one who did not fly on the wings of a dream. In fact, we always try to grab it by the tail: it’s good to get married / marry, fall in love with unconsciousness, buy a chic car, achieve promotion in service, etc. Sometimes a person resorts to other ways, playing with his fortune.

It’s not about gambling and casinos. It’s about the lottery. Here you can not put on a large scale and at the same time wait for the moment when luck turns to you face. Therefore, those who play the lottery quite a lot. In addition, this is a fairly democratic game: it is available not only in cities, but also in remote regions. Statistics show that 1/5 of the population of Russia stably acquires lotto tickets. And more than 70% of them at least once won.

Online lottery offers to try their luck, without investing money at all. The player simply enter the number of the banknote – it will become a lottery ticket. Currently, the lottery by numbers of denominations is only gaining popularity, but those wishing to participate in the daily free raffle of cash prizes are becoming more and more. It’s time to test your fortune and you!