MoneyLoto.com – a global free lottery, prizes
in which are played out by the numbers of banknotes of participants.

How does the lottery work?

The participants deposit their banknote numbers in the corresponding lottery series of the MoneyLoto.com drawing, thus forming a list of the numbers of bills participating in the drawing, of which the winners are automatically selected on a daily basis. You can check your bill on the MoneyLoto.com website. – The winner will be shown the form where the preferred type of receipt of the prize (transfer to the phone number or bank card) should be made. Once the number of the bill is entered, it participates in the daily drawings for the entire duration of the lottery – you just need to check your number. At the end of the day, MoneyLoto.com determines the new winners. Winning numbers of bills still remain in the game.

Personal data of the participants.

MoneyLoto.com does not collect personal
data of participants, does not register participants,
does not send mailings to e-mails and phones.

Why free?

MoneyLoto.com receives revenue from advertising
on its website and the use of depersonalized statistics.

Why is MoneyLoto.com not a gamble?

MoneyLoto.com is not a gamble because participation
in the drawings for participants is FREE and always will remain so.

Why is it not taxed?

Prizes in MoneyLoto.com are a gift of a private person
to an individual for participating in a free lottery and
therefore are not subject to taxation.

How long is the lottery?

The terms of the lottery for different series can be different – with their participation the participants can get acquainted with the “terms of the drawing”.

Who can participate in the lottery?

MoneyLoto.com participant can become any resident of the planet Earth without age, confessional, national and other restrictions.

How many prizes are involved in the draw and what is the prize amount?

The number of daily lottery prizes and the amount of prizes for different series can be different – participants can familiarize themselves with them in the “Terms of Drawing”.

What’s next?

As the number of participants in the lottery grows, the number of series and currencies will be increased, for which draws will be held, the number of winners in the series will increase, and the lottery prizes themselves will increase too.